This could be the end

I really thought that actions spoke louder than words, that I really tell people how I feel about them and how happy I am to have them in my life. I've realised that sometimes it aint so and that not only me, but everyone, should be more honest and open about their feelings. Doesn't matter if you're friends or more than that - things shouldn't be taken for granted, ever.

Going home from Australia will definately be one of the strangest and hardest things I will do. I love it here, and there's so many great people I have met down here that I will miss something terribly. There is one person in particular I'm talking about right now, and I really want this person to know how much I care. And how much I think this person is completely beyond words-amazing to be with. Just being around you - I will miss it something terribly. No words will ever let you know how much memories I will have and how happy I will be to have them. And I when I think of these memories, it's not the places we went to or the people that were around us that will come to my mind. It's you.

I'm a very strange person, I usually prefer putting my feelings down on black and white, like this, because it is the best way of expressing your feelings without being misinterpreted. But this time I just want to post a song, that I came to think of yesterday. No need to over-analyze, no need to justify. Just listen.

Trying not to lose my head but I have never been this scared before
Tell you what I’ll do instead, lay my body down on the floor
To forget what I’ve done, silhouette til the good lord come
All we know is distance
We’re close and then we run
Kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one
Trying not to lose your own, boxing up everything, you’ve got
All you ever knew of home, you’re scared scared to see
Your mother there in the door, you wonder where did the years go
All we know is distance
We’re close and then we run
Kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one
But this is how the story ends


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