So, I'm sitting at the Work n Holiday office right now, and since they obviously don't have our lovely Swedish letters for me to type, I thought writing in English should be quite fun. So here we go :)

First off, I just got of work and I LOVE IT, I really do! Everyone's so nice and welcoming, and we are a team of about 7 people working at the restaurant and bar. My main work is in the bar, and I've been taught how to pour a beer so that the froth (skum) is properly high and everything. People like their froth about 1 cm high, which is a challenge for a starter, but I seem to have picked up pretty quickly. I have two guys helping me out, who I am working with in the bar, Luke and Greg. Luke is also new and has been there for a week but knows how to tend a bar, and Greg has been there for a long time and is apparently somewhat of a legend in beer-pouring. My first day yesterday was so busy that today felt like nothing, and my three hours were great. Some small mistakes were made but it's only normal, I'll get more used to everything in a while and I feel really confident in my position. And the customers are great by the way - ninety percent men, a bit older, and they sure seem to like having a woman behind the bar.

After work, around 3.30 pm, I sat in Hyde Park for awhile (it's like 100 m from work) but not for too long since you'll get a sunburn pretty quickly (though especially around mid-day). It's crazy the way people drive in the middle in the city by the way! At home, you can only go for 50 km/h (sometimes 70km/h), but here, everyone seems to be going 80 km/h whenever they have a chance to. Not only is is weird seeing them drive on the "wrong side" (as the right side is, literally, the right side to me) but having them going around this fast takes some getting used to. Even the buses are going so fast! And right before I came to the office, I walked by a truck that had driven into another truck, filled with chemical stuff (it said "chemical"-something on it), that actually leaked onto the street! The drivers were cursing at each other and everyone was staring. Quite funny.

So Fredrika is looking for a job while I am now looking for a weekend job. I will definately get by on the money I get from the club (25 hours/w), and I might be able to save a few bucks too, but if I can actually get another job during weekends, then I could save some money aswell. So, I've sent out my application to about five companies looking for weekend workers, and we'll see if they give me a call tomorrow, or more likely, on Monday. Even though I don't find a weekend job anytime soon, I'll be soo happy to have the job I just got. Really, it is so much fun and I can't wait to work some more. This might sound strange but it's all the people that does it, they are so very nice!

We are gonna go for a walk in the sun now - it's about 27 today and sunny! - and tonight maybe go to Darling Harbour and have a drink somewhere. Luckily, now I can afford to do things like that sometimes :)


Postat av: Louise

Heej! Kul att skriver på engelska, så jag kan träna min! hihi glömt en massa på så kort tid. Bra att jobbet är kul och att de är trevliga. Har ni sett några konstiga och äckliga djur än? Kommer ihåg min förra lärare bodde där och hon berätta om stora spindlar och liknande!

2010-11-12 @ 09:27:57

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